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Starting up toi et moi in 2007 had to offer an answer to questions we asked ourselves?
What do we expect from a visit to a restaurant? Wich wines and beverages do we enjoy? And what
atmosphere do we love?

Today toi et moi is a restaurant with “down to earth” gastronomical delight.
Here you will find dishes with an excellent price/quality ratio
and a personal touch to it all.
Wendy is your host and takes care of the service, while sven offers you his culinairy creations
where the ingredients play a leading part.


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The Kitchen

The Kitchen

We are still searching for for fresh, honest products with pure and authentic flavors.
The offered dishes follow the rithm of each season.
The coöperation with local merchants and the direct supply of the offered products on
the biggest european market rungis (paris) garantees the excellent quality.

Still striving for better, more beautiful and tastier, we are convinced we will surprise you…
over and over again.

See you soon,
Sven en Wendy



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Our dishes

Our dishes


Soup available from the menu. 10,50 €

Toast with mushroom “2018” with hummus and black garlic. 20,00 €

Fried duck liver with beetroot, parsnip, fresh figs and a compote of shallot. 22,00 €

Creamy polenta with parmezan cheese and fresh black truffle. 27,00 €



Fried haddock filet with parsley root, chanterelles, fresh rosemary and roseval potatoes. 29,00 €

Monkfish prepared in the oven with tomato, red onion, garlic and fennel served with red Camargue rice. 31,00 €

Venison filet with aromatic root vegetables, smoked oil, puffed quinoa and a game gravy. 32,00 €

Grilled Hereford rib-eye 300gr with ratatouille and small fried potatoes. 32,00 €

Red curry of sweet potato and egg-plant, aromated with lemongrass and lime, served with jasmin rice. 20,50 € *Available with Nobashi prawns. 25,50 €

Seasonal vegetables “au vin” with fried sage, nuts and mashed potatoes with farm butter. 26,00 €



Creme brulee infused with cardamom. 9,50 €

Dame blanche with vanilla from Madagascar. 11,00 €

Puff pastry with caramelised pears and dried figs, sesame seeds, sherry and vanilla ice cream. 12,00 €

Chocolate tart “Santander 65%” with hazelnuts and orange, served with oatmilk ice cream and rosemary. 12,00 €

Montly menu

Montly menu

Menu available from November 1 to October27 2018

Marinated sea bass filet with fregola nero, fresh vegetables, seaweed and yuzu


Creamy soup of kohlrabi with fermented soy beans and sesame seeds


Medium rare fried sirloin of Irish Black Angus “archiduc” with forest mushroom, caramelised


Brussels endive and celeriac purée Fantasy of coconut, clementines, white chocolate and peanut


Big menu à 50,00 € (starter-soup-main course-dessert)
Small menu à 42,00 € (starter-main course-coffee or tea)
Wine arangement à 20,00 €

Christmas & NY

Christmas & NY

Menu christmas eve


Aperitif “Toi et Moi” with appetizer

 Tartar of “Westerross” salmon with kohlrabi, apple and miso infused with yuzu

 Clear soup of mushroom with fresh tarragon and fried shii-take

 Stuffed veal rolls with pancetta and mozarella served with a pumpkin risotto, chestnut and sage

 Eggnog with chocolate “Santander 65%”, Doyenné pear, spiced ice cream and crumble

Coffee or tea with homemade sweets

Menu at 70,00 €

Appropriate wines at 20,00 €


New years eve menu

 We start at 19h with:

 Aperitif “Toi et Moi” cava with roomer served with appetizers

 Carpaccio of smoked “Holstein” sirloin, rocket salad, vinaigrette of nuts and parmezan

 Creamy soup of edamame, dashi, miso ans silken tofu

 Red mullet, mussels and cherrystone clams with  Chinese buckwheat noodles, saffron broth and gremolata

 Chuck of venison with forest mushroom, beetroot, almond croquettes and macadamia nuts

 Duo of chocolate-and coffee mousse, caramel and meringue Coffee or tea with homemade sweets

At midnight we toast at the new year with a glass of Champagne “Didier Chopin” brut grand réserve


Menu at 90,00 €

appropriate wines at 25,00 €


After payement of the amount of 90,00€ per person the reservation is confirmed.
Accountnumber: BE11 1096 6593 5048Menu Veille de Noël

website 1 15 toi et moi gent restaurant bart albrecht fotograaf food culinair tablefever.jpg



Make your reservation here online.

Open every day from  6-9.30pm-  Sunday from 12-2pm and from 6-9.30pm  Wednesday closed.


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gift voucher

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RESTAURANT TOI ET MOI  -  SINT-MICHIELSSTRAAT 31  9000 GENT  -  TEL +32 9 225 86 33  -


Parking your car is easy. You follow the parkingroute direction sint-michielsparking (parking 7). This parking has over 450 spaces, is open 24/24 and is guarded permanently. after 19h and on sunday there is a lower rate. Also nearby is parking ramen (parking 8). Ramen has over 280 spaces. parking ramen is open 24h a day, 7 days a week. rates starting from 2 euro for the first hour upto 10 euro for 7 hours. after 19h and on sundays lower rate starting from 0,80 cent for the first hour.