Soup available from the menu. 10,50 €

Brandade of haddock with fried Norway lobster, slightly browned leek and a thickened chervil sauce. 23,00 €

Carpaccio of venison with rocket, parmesan cheese, pine seeds, chestnut and a balsamico vinaigrette. 18,00 €

* Available with fresh black winter truffle ‘macrosporum’ suppl. 13,50 €

Smoked beetroot on our ‘Big green egg’ served with a bio-goat’s cheese, thyme, lactuca and roasted nuts. 17,00 €



Fried brill fillet with mashed potatoes with buttermilk, leek, crispy bacon and a beurre blanc sauce with fresh herbs. 29,00 €

Dashi of kombu and bonito with mackerel fillet, brunoise of vegetables and fresh coriander. 26,00 €

Fried saddle of hare with aced seasonal vegetables, sauce of liquorice and tonka beans topped with cacao nibs. 32,00 €

Grilled Hereford rib-eye 300gr with ratatouille and small fried potatoes. 31,00 €

Red curry of sweet potato and egg-plant, aromated with lemongrass and lime, served with jasmin rice. 18,50 €

*Available with Nobashi prawns. 23,50 €

Open ravioli with forest mushroom, cream of butternut with a plum pit oil and almonds. 24,00 €

*Available with fresh black winter truffle ‘macrosporum’ suppl. 13,50 €



Crème brulée perfumed with cardamom. 8,00 €

Savoyard of camembert and roquefort cheese with fig bread, a plum balsamico and autumn fruit. 13,00 €

Spiced chocolate ganache with candied ginger, pistachio’s and dried apricots. 11,00 €

Dame blanche de luxe. 9,50 €