Soup available from the menu. 10,50 €

Fresh salad of seasonal vegetables with fried ray, crispy pancetta and vadouvan oil. 17,00 €

Burrata di bufala with egg-plant, green lentils, focaccia with rosemary, tomatoes and arbequina olive oil. 19,00 €

Crispy fried sweetbreads with baby marrow, rocket, fresh oregano, parmezan and pine seeds. 20,00 €



Fillet of wild salmon “Westerros” fried on its skin with a tomato couscous, 5-pepper salt flakes, artichoke and a cream of fresh herbs. 28,00 €

Suprême of “zwartpoot” chicken with asparagus, fennel, freshwater crayfish and corne de gatte
potatoes. 30,00 €

Grilled Hereford rib-eye 300gr with ratatouille and small fried potatoes. 32,00 €

Red curry of sweet potato and egg-plant, aromated with lemongrass and lime, served with jasmin rice. 18,50 € *Available with Nobashi prawns. 23,50 €

Fried oyster fungus with a bread crumb of panko and sesame seeds served with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, red onion, Chinese cabbage and a soya-ponzu vinaigrette. 26,00 €



Crème brulée with vanilla and calamansi sorbet. 8,00 €

Marzipan bavarois with homemade granola and tartar of citrus with fresh mint. 10,00 €

Dame blanche de luxe. 9,50 €

Luke warm pastry of pistachio with vanilla ice cream, seasonal fruit and coulis. 12,00 €