Soup available from the menu.  10,50 €

Quiche with poppy seed, candied lemon, ricotta, smoked salmon and a fresh salad with white asparagus.  19,00 €

Lukewarm salad of red Camargue rice and quinoa with feta cheese, dried apricot, rocket and saffron yoghurt.  16,00 €

Green herbal couscous with fried squid, Spanish prawn, lactuca and oil of crustacean.  20,00 €



Fried brill fillet served with white asparagus, field mushroom, rice with Tarragon and a cream of green peas.  29,00  €

Spiny dogfish á la meunière with garlic, bunch tomatoes, shredded almonds, romanesco, fresh herbs and steamed potatoes.  26,00  €

Grilled Hereford rib-eye 300gr with ratatouille and small fried potatoes.  31,00 €

Quail prepared in the oven with seasonal vegetables, cream of cauliflower, smoked bacon and a balsamico vinaigrette.  29,00 €

Red curry of sweet potato and egg-plant, aromated with lemongrass and lime, served with jasmin rice.  18,50 €

available with Nobashi prawns.  23,50 €

Mushroom burger with seeds, egg-plant, fresh salad of kohlrabi and apple, mustard mayonnaise.  24,00 €



Crème brulée with lemongrass and lime leaf.  8,00 €

Strawberries served with a yoghurt parfait, grapefruit, fresh mint and crispy lemon biscuits.  12,00 €

Ricotta cheese cake with vanilla, spiced biscuit and passion-fruit. 11,00 €

Dame blanche de luxe. 9,50 €